Family Support


There’s no way to overstate the effects that addiction has on the whole family. That’s why we often hear the phrase, “Addiction is a family disease.”

family support

Why Should I Include My Family In My Treatment?

Including loved ones in a treatment plan helps both the addict and the family.


For the Addict

Addiction drives a person to act in ways they never would have if they were healthy. In addiction, virtually all actions are in effort to achieve that next high. They may start lying, stealing, and effectively cutting familial relationships out of their lives. An addict may not be able to pull themselves out of their addiction and those destructive behaviors alone, but it’s very common for the addict to feel shame and guilt once they start working on recovery. Including family in the early stages of recovery gives a recovering addict the opportunity to work those relationships, gain back trust, and move forward with their loved ones.

Additionally, family can offer some of the strongest support in times of crisis. Knowing that your loved ones support your recovery journey is infinitely beneficial for a recovering addict.


For the Family

Loved ones of addicts commonly suffer from things like damaged trust and disconnected boundaries. A recovery program that works with the addict’s family by providing therapy and consistent communication while their loved on is in treatment makes room for the family to address their pain and concerns, start rebuilding trust, and establish healthy boundaries.

Including family in recovery also gives them valuable insight into what life looks like after rehab. Long term recovery sees the most success with a detailed aftercare plan, which loved ones can (and should) most definitely be a part of. Family coaching can help the family learn how to support their loved one’s recovery while avoiding enabling behaviors.